Mother’s Day gift ideas from Root Hair & Beauty London

With Mother’s Day fast approaching  – Sunday, March 11th, people! – why not treat the first, very special woman of your life to one of our treats from our equally special Mother’s Day gift ideas from us at Root Beauty & Hair, London?
Surely, you won’t have a lack of choices. Just by walking aroundLondon:  you can get her something as simple as a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers. But why, this year, don’t you aim a little higher and treat her to something REALLY SPECIAL (and maybe win the Child of the Year Award??)
After all, she did LOADS for you already and will keep being an incredible woman for a long time, so what about pampering your mum as a Queen for a day?

Our Mother’s Day gift ideas from Root Hair & Beauty London: 

For most mums, manis, pedis and all sort of beauty care treatments are at the bottom (or absent!) from their to-do list. Many moms spend quite a bit of time taking care of everyone else, and they tend to neglect themselves. If this sounds like your mother, make an appointment for her to be spoiled at Root. She’ll love being pampered, having her hair done, getting a massage or having a pedicure. Bonus point: here at Root, we’ve found out over the years, that our moms value our company above everything else. So, why not book a daughter/son + mum session and visit us together?

#1 Joint Mom and Daughter manis and pedis

There’s nothing better than a day getting your nails done with your mom.  This year spring’s hottest nail collections are bright, vibrant and vivacious (stay tuned for our next blog post!!!). So, simply pick the perfect shades to kick off the nice weather (yeah, after the snow, spring will come!) No matter what your mom’s age is, our nail colours will make both you and mom feel fabulous!

manicure facial

#2 Haircare treatment

When was the last time your mum got her hair cut? And it’s maybe time for a trim for you too. Or if she recently got her hair cut, your mum – like the rest of us – is probably still recovering from BAFTA’s red carpet stars’s awesome hairstyles and glossy hair of  (#purehairenvy). So why don’t gift her with an OLAPLEX or a BRAZILIAN BLOWDRY, which will help restore her hair back to its natural shine? Have a look at all our other hair treatments here. Maybe get your sister or auntie to tag along too!

mother's day gift ideas root london

#3 Meet your mom for lunch. And a facial.

One of our best sellers at Root Hair & Beauty is the Pick Me Lunch Time Facial  when one of our beauticians will make you and your mom feel totally fresh and beautiful in only 30 minutes. This is the perfect idea if you live quite close to your mother, have a busy lifestyle but can squeeze a lunch date during the week. Book here.

mothers day gift ideas london
#4 Shellac Nails anyone? 

What’s better than tidy, clean, elegant manicured hands and feet? Shellac nails, of course. So why don’t you book for your personal VIP one of the shellac treatments available at our Salon on Exmouth Market? Have a look here to check all our different treatments.

#5 The ultimate gift

This is the ultimate pampering treatment for your mum and maybe you should opt for this if she has something to forgive you 😇 (i.e. when was the last time you called? Or the last time you spent more than 90 minutes at her house? Did you remember her birthday last year?)

Spoil her with a complete pampering treat. You can choose between our INVIGORATION treatment which includes a manicure, a pedicure, a pick me up facial as well as cut and blow dry or the amazing DE-STRESS (we know how stressed mums are!!!), which include a 30-mins aromatherapy session, a pick me up facial along with manicure – pedicure. Get 10% off when you book for Mother’s Day! *

Extra idea for you and all your friends with children:

If you are a mom and have lots of mums girlfriends, why don’t take the opportunity to celebrate motherhood all together with a Manicure Party or a Back and Shoulder Feast at Root Hair & Beauty? Maybe daddy can look after the children while you enjoy some well-deserved you-time? See our full list of beauty treatments here *


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Not always eye to eye,
but always heart to heart

Happy Mother’s Day from the Root team!

manicure facial

*Mother’s Day ideas from Root Hair and Beauty offers are valid from March 5th to March 18th.

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