Our [ comfort zone ] skincare product line by Davines

“We think of the skin  as something that is on the outside, but it is, in fact, a reflection of what is going on on the inside” [ comfort zone ]

Last summer, we welcomed the fantastic Comfort Zone Beauty Line by sustainable innovator Davines.

But, first things first: why should you take care of your skin?

Human skin is our largest organ, it’s made of complex tissues and its main function is the body’s defence. Your skin breathes, removes impurities and helps regulate your body temperature. Your skin defines who you are, but it is also a crucial organ of your body.

How does the [Comfort Zone] line compare to other skin care lines?

Since skincare products feed and nourish the skin, Comfort Zone’s scientists are extremely rigorous about what they put in their formulas. They only select the finest, natural-origin ingredients and combine them with the most advanced high-tech systems to guarantee the maximum efficacy, safety and pleasantness of the products. [ comfort zone ] is one of the few professional skincare brands that is completely free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours and animal derivatives.

comfort zone davines

Beauty, ethics, sustainability and B corporations

In November 2016, Davines Group and its two brands – Davines and Comfort Zone – became a B Corporation®. This means being part of a global network of people that use business as a force for good. This certification shows high standards of environmental and social performance.

The [ comfort zone ] holistic approach

The researchers at [ comfort zone ] don’t think that the skin is a self-standing element of our bodies. All studies at Davines adopt a larger view that includes the entire body: alimentation, fitness, mental health and stress level.


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